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Entering into our community, you will immediately get in touch with food lovers from all over the world, share with them your experiences, your best pics and videos. You can stay updated on what is new in the food world by following posts, hashtags, events and chatting with your new friends.

Not just video lessons from famous chefs and Masterchef participants but also a vast offer of recipes uploaded by food bloggers, personal chefs and food enthusiasts.  An easy search tool will help you to find out the perfect recipe that matches your pantry tonight.

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Follow the other Fuudlers and create
your culinary network

Follow up on what Fuudlers, Chefs and Your favourite Food-bloggers are posting every day.
Share your food experience and comment what’s new with our growing community. Be in touch with food lovers from all over the world.

Share your recipes

With few simple steps you can share your recipes. And let people know how creative you are.
Choose food category, get everybody's attention with a striking title and fill in the few simple and intuitive boxes.

Share picture and video

Use the integrated stop-motion tool. No limits to your creativity.
with the integrated stop-motion tool you can give your recipes an extra push and share your recipes with our community.

Interact with other food lovers

Keep in touch with your food-friends and food-idols. Chat with them in real time.
And keep your network updated on what your are cooking and eating everyday.
What’s your favourite burger spot? Share it with us.

Follow our video recipes and try them at home

But remember Fuudly is not just video-lesson: thousands of recipes are already there. And every day the list is growing.
You can sort them by category, difficulty and cost. And if something is not clear: use the chat to dialogue with the recipe owner.

Find all food events

Follow what's coming up in our food events page. Share it with other Fuudlers and be there with them!
And if the right food-festival is not yet there, tell us and we will make sure to update the community.

Look for the right recipe starting from a single ingredient

Your fridge is empty? Do not worry.
Using the search tool, you will find the perfect match to your pantry.

Participate to our food contests or create your own

Find a subject, write down rules and share it with our community.
Or join one of those already announced. Participating is free. Just remember to insert the correct hashtag

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And have the community always with you. You can download Fuudly app directly to your smartphones. Or navigate on the web at www.fuudly.com



  • Promote recipes from your page with a quick link, redirecting targeted audience with the help of our dedicated search tool
  • Gain more visibility just adding a link to your blog in the recipe uploaded in Fuudly
  • Make yourself popular and get in touch with other food bloggers to share ideas and projects
  • Get to know people that share your passion, boost your fan page
  • Take inputs from our lively community for your next post


  • Make your culinary experience public
  • Promote your restaurant or your business
  • Get in touch with people close to your reality
  • Create a network of food companies

Food Lover

  • Learn and ask how to improve your techniques
  • Get to know people and food events close to you
  • Get ideas and inspiration
  • Expand your list of food places
  • Share your videos and your pictures, what you eat and cook every day
  • Follow the most popular hashtags


Can I insert the link to my blog?

Yes, I can directly link my page.

What is the difference between updating my status and adding a new recipe?

By adding a new recipe in the Recipes page, I can gain more visibility and help people find it out quickly.

I know a food event that I would like to publish, how do I proceed?

You can share details of the event with us and we will publish it in the Events page.

Can I create a contest for all Fuudlers? Will you be willing to publish it?

Yes, we will be happy to help you out. Your contest will  be included in the Events page and circulated through our social networks.

I am a company: how can I cooperate with you?

If you are a company, you can start off by creating your account and insert your products in the news flow. In order to have a more tailor made offer, you can contact us at fuudly@fuudly.com and we will be happy to present a number of valuable opportunities, ranging from content marketing in video lessons, events, buzz with bloggers and influencers...

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